EU disburses USD 43 million to support Myanmar’s education

The European Union (EU) announced this week that it will be disbursing EUR 37.625 million (USD 43 million, MMK 59.693 billion) to further support education reforms in Myanmar. It is the third payment from a total of EUR 221 million provided by the European Union to increase access to quality education for all in Myanmar.

The support will come in the format of a grant and is paid earlier than planned to help the Government address the exceptional needs that arose due to COVID-19, ensure a safe return to school for all children, and improve the quality of education and vocational training throughout the country.

“The re-opening of schools has been debated throughout the world. I am encouraged by the Government’s efforts to make schools safe ‘post COVID-19’ for all children in Myanmar, while keeping the pace for the ambitious reform of the education sector,” said outgoing EU Ambassador Kristian Schmidt.

The disbursement followed an Education Sector Reform Policy Dialogue meeting between the Government and the European Union, in particular on the plans for reopening schools as well as access to education in Rakhine State and public financial management.

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