Kirin investigates payments

Genocide accusations threaten deal of Myanmar Beer partner

Myanmar’s global political woes have become a thorn in the side of a major foreign investor. A bid by Japanese conglomerate Kirin International Holdings to buy an American beer brand has come under fire thanks to Kirin’s stake in Myanmar

US imposes new sanctions against top officials

The United States Treasury Department has imposed additional sanctions on top military officials for alleged human rights abuses. The move coincides with the three-day hearing against Myanmar at the International Court of Justice. The sanctions black

Top general defends army’s power

Senior General Min Aung Hlaing, Commander-in-Chief of the Myanmar armed forces (Tatmadaw), defended the large role the army plays in civilian politics. He went so far as to suggest a possible bid for the presidency in the future, according to an arti

Shan fighting again disrupts trade

Ongoing fighting in Shan State has once again begun disrupting land trade with China. Recent operations by the Northern Alliance of armed ethnic groups has kicked off fresh skirmishes along one of Myanmar’s most important trade routes, and frei

US official criticizes repatriation process

Myanmar is still struggling to resolve the refugee crisis, which continues to damage its international reputation. A top-ranking US foreign aid official delivered a sharp criticism of how Myanmar is handling the repatriation process for more than 750
U.S. imposes travel restrictions on Myanmar military leaders over ‘atrocities’

Myanmar military chief and three others banned from US travels

Myanmar’s army chief Senior General Min Aung Hlaing and three senior officers are banned to visit the United States. The ban was imposed for their role in the military crackdown in northern Rakhine State in late 2017. The US State Department announ