Decision on major development in Kyaukphyu to be made soon

China to invest USD 30 billion in industrial zone

As briefly reported in our highlights last week, a Chinese company and several Myanmar partners will invest USD 30 billion in an industrial zone contained within the Kyaukphyu Special Economic Zone on Myanmar’s west coast. Speaking to parliament, D

China bought 10.8 million tons of oil in 2019

Myanmar ended the year having exported a total of 10.8 million tons of crude oil to China, a rise of 6.3 percent from 2018, highlighting the deepening economic relationship between the two countries during the development of the China-Myanmar Economi
KBZ Group, PTT partner to develop oil terminal

KBZ and PTT to partner on oil project

Kanbawza Group (KBZ) and Thailand’s PTT are to form a joint-venture to develop of an oil terminal and a retail business. The operations will be formed by KBZ’s Brighter Energy Co and Brighter Energy Retail Co partnering with PTT Oil and Retail Bu