FDA declares imported flu vaccines sold online illegal

Authorities warn against “illegally” imported flu vaccines

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authorities have issued a warning that a drug being imported to be used as a flu vaccine is considered illegal. They also warned the public not to buy or use it, according to an article in the Myanmar Times. The warning was issued in relation to the Vaxigrip Tetra Injectable Suspension flu vaccine. The FDA said that it needs to be stored in a “cold chain” temperature-controlled supply chain. The FDA said that there is no way to check if the product sold online was being stored correctly. “These vaccines are not registered as imported drugs with the FDA as yet and there is no pharmaceutical importer who registered with the FDA to handle the drugs,” U Min Wun, Head of the FDA’s Yangon office told the Myanmar Times. Advocates have expressed concern about the proliferation of fake, or sub-standard, drugs across Southeast Asia. This is true especially for those that need to be stored according to certain international standards.

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