Illegal trade  at USD 6.4 billion

Illegal trade at USD 6.4 billion

During an event organised early February by the UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade And Development), it was revealed that Myanmar’s illicit trade value is about USD 6.4 billion every year. This staggering figure only reflects trade on o
FDA declares imported flu vaccines sold online illegal

Authorities warn against “illegally” imported flu vaccines

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authorities have issued a warning that a drug being imported to be used as a flu vaccine is considered illegal. They also warned the public not to buy or use it, according to an article in the Myanmar Times. The
Authorities warn about crackdown on illegal diesel export

Myanmar traders warned against crackdown on illegal diesel re-export

The Ministry of Commerce warned Myanmar traders and wholesale centers about the crackdown by the Chinese government on illegal diesel export. The illegal diesel export market is bigger in Yunnan Province since 2018. The office of the Myanmar Consul
Illegal border trade on the rise

Illegal border trade on the rise

Illegal trade worsens with more goods being smuggled into the country despite government’s efforts