Draft Cybersecurity Law sees strong opposition

The State Administration Council has drafted a new Cybersecurity Law affording broad powers to gather data from web users, censor unwanted sites and platforms, and impose jail time for those who attack the government or military online. The bill will

Facebook blocked to curb unrest

Telco operators and internet service providers have been ordered to block access to Facebook, as well as affiliated apps, including Messenger and Instagram. At the time of writing, the Facebook ban has been issued until February 7. Users are already

Rakhine internet blackout criticized

The controversial internet blackout in parts of Rakhine State and Chin State made international headlines this week after Human Rights Watch claimed the ban may have left hundreds of thousands of people completely unaware of COVID-19. The organizatio

Pandemic sparks free-speech demonstrations

The COVID-19 pandemic is fueling Myanmar’s ongoing free-speech debate. Recent protests and statements from advocacy organizations have condemned what activists call state suppression amid a national crisis. A joint statement from 264 organizati

Telenor heeds order to block web sites

Telenor Myanmar has partially complied with a government order to block hundreds of websites for explicit content and fake news. The Ministry of Transport and Ccommunications had ordered the nation’s cellular carriers to prevent access to 221 w

Military drops charges against journalists

The Myanmar Army (Tatmadaw) will no longer pursue controversial defamation charges against international news agency Reuters and the Irrawaddy News. The Myanmar Press Council announced that the military has abandoned its plan to sue Reuters and an Ir