Will COVID-19 delay the election?

Earlier this month, a group of 24 opposition political parties petitioned the Union Election Commission (UEC) to delay the election. The UEC refused. Critics of the request dismissed the effort as a ploy to buy more time to campaign and upset the sta

Elections will not be postponed

The Union Election Commission (UEC) rejected a request to postpone the upcoming elections due to the new wave of COVID-19 infections. The request was brought by a group of opposition parties led by the Union Solidarity and Development Party, the chie

Some Muslim candidates disqualified in election

As the general election draws closer, a major issue has proved to be who can and cannot run. This week, the Rakhine State sub-commission of the Union Election Commission disqualified five Muslim candidates. “They were rejected mainly because th
IMF and the World Bank slashes growth forecasts

IMF predicts slow growth regardless of pandemic

Myanmar should expect “subdued” economic growth thanks to its upcoming election, armed conflicts and an unstable banking sector, said the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in its annual consultation. The IMF reached these conclusions befo

Independent ethnic Wa authority will seek to allow voting

The Wa Self-Administered Division, an autonomous zone of the ethnic Wa people, will attempt to work with the Union Government to hold voting in the upcoming election. Last month, officials of the United Wa State Army (UWSA) and the Union Election Com

Facebook suspends Myanmar accounts spreading fake news

Facebook announced that it has removed a network of bogus accounts and pages. It banned 13 accounts and 10 pages that had ties to Mytel, Myanmar’s fourth telecom provider that launched in 2018, and its foreign stakeholder, Vietnamese telecom Vi