Myanmar to open up Yangon stock exchange to foreign investments

Yangon Stock Exchange gains new company

A sixth company will soon be traded on the Yangon Stock Exchange (YSX). Logistics firm Every Flow River Group Public Co (EFR) will join the bourse on March 20th, with its initial share price reveled on March 19. EFR will begin trading at a high point
Decision on major development in Kyaukphyu to be made soon

China to invest USD 30 billion in industrial zone

As briefly reported in our highlights last week, a Chinese company and several Myanmar partners will invest USD 30 billion in an industrial zone contained within the Kyaukphyu Special Economic Zone on Myanmar’s west coast. Speaking to parliament, D

Shan fighting again disrupts trade

Ongoing fighting in Shan State has once again begun disrupting land trade with China. Recent operations by the Northern Alliance of armed ethnic groups has kicked off fresh skirmishes along one of Myanmar’s most important trade routes, and frei