Yangon factories re-open

The Ministry of Health and Sports has announced that it will grant approval to certain factories to resume operations provided they meet strict safety standards. Garment factories and the workshops of small and medium enterprises will be eligible for
Garment workers

DICA optimistic about garment sector despite losses

Although the garment industry has suffered under COVID-19 with hundreds of factories closed and tens of thousands of workers sent home, the Myanmar Investment Commission (MIC) believes renewed investor interest will get the sector back on its feet. A

Industry leader fears “irreversible damage” for factories

Myanmar Industries Association head U Aung Thein has warned of grave economic consequences of extended factory closures. Speaking to Bloomberg, Aung Thein, whose organization is Myanmar’s largest in the sector, argued against postponing the end
Trade unions to push for increase of minimum wage

Trade unions to push for increase of minimum wage

The Confederation of Trade Unions in Myanmar (CTUM) is bringing a proposal to raise the minimum wage from 4,800 kyats (USD 3.19) to 7,200 kyats per day (900 kyats per hour for an eight-hour work day) to the National Committee for the Minimum Wage. In

Garment sector faces struggle if EU withdraws tax exemptions

The garment sector in Myanmar will struggle if the European Union (EU) revokes its GSP/ EBA privileges on Myanmar, say experts. According to EU EBA Monitoring Mission, the EU listed Myanmar as one of top ten countries in clothing imports. GSP/ EBA a
Garment workers

Dozens injured in Yangon garment factory clash

About two dozen workers at a garment factory on the outskirts of Yangon were injured on Monday following a clash between protesters and what witnesses described as assailants wielding iron bars, according to a report in Reuters. The article said that