Authorities warn about crackdown on illegal diesel export

Myanmar traders warned against crackdown on illegal diesel re-export

The Ministry of Commerce warned Myanmar traders and wholesale centers about the crackdown by the Chinese government on illegal diesel export. The illegal diesel export market is bigger in Yunnan Province since 2018. The office of the Myanmar Consul in Kunming, informed about the crackdown expected until the end of this year. The ministry instructed to avoid unnecessary disputes between Myanmar and China related with the crackdown, according to traders. Although Myanmar allowed the re-export of diesel to China officially, China assumed it as illegal import. Myanmar allowed re-exports starting from 2015-16 FY to increase export volume. Sugar and diesel exports have been among the highest in volume. With the rapid depreciation of the Myanmar Kyat from starting in June, Myanmar suspended the re-export of sugar and fuel oil starting from third week of August. However, traders still actively continued to export diesel with their re-export licenses valid until October.

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