Travel ban extended again

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has extended the ban on most international flights and visas until the end of July. It is the sixth time the restrictions, originally introduced on May 15, have been prolonged. Under the restrictions, almost all intern

Returnees bring COVID-19 to Kayin, Tanintharyi

The first cases of COVD-19 have been confirmed in Kayin State and Tanintharyi Region, apparently brought back by returning migrant workers. Of the five confirmed cases in these areas, it seems two contracted the disease in Thailand and three in Malay

Government reduces COVID-19 restrictions

This week, the Ministry of Health and Sports allowed restaurants throughout the country to reopen as it continues to gradually reduce COVID-19 restrictions. Restaurants in areas with no confirmed COVID-19 cases may open to dine-in customers, provided

Foreign COVID-19 aid flows

Several countries have pledged loans and aid to support Myanmar’s pandemic-stricken economy as well as its short term healthcare needs. This week, the World Bank announced a new Country Partnership Framework that aims to help Myanmar recover fr

Govt releases list of essential businesses

The Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population has identified a list of businesses that must be allowed to stay open during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The list (included at the end of this article) includes fire fighting services; hospitals,

Sweeping economic stimulus plan unveiled

The Ministry of Planning, Finance and Industry has released a comprehensive COVID-19 stimulus plan that will inject billions of dollars into the Myanmar economy. In an official report, State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi said the plan will both help th