UK to assist Myanmar with renewable energy projects

UK to assist renewable energy projects in Myanmar

The United Kingdom will assist Myanmar in implementing renewable energy projects, said Douglas Barnes, director of the UK’s Department for International Trade. He said the governments of the UK and Myanmar will be in discussion to draft policies and regulations. Required technologies, workshops and training will be provided to implement renewable energy projects, once the policies are in place. The UK has established a £ 15 million fund that will be used until 2020. The projects for carbon reduction, renewable energy and energy utilization projects will be funded in six ASEAN member states. Feasibility studies of wind and solar energy projects in Myanmar will be provided from the fund. He said “Myanmar can meet its carbon reduction targets, but everyone needs to cooperate for this project to be successful”. The Ministry of Electricity and Energy (MOEE) is drafting a renewable energy law to develop the sector, aiming to generate 8 percent of the country’s electricity through renewable sources of energy by 2021.

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