Sugar season delayed as prices fall

Sugar production in Myanmar will begin a full month later than usual due to unfavorable weather and falling prices. An unnamed sugar cane trader told the Myanmar Times that the “unusual weather” has pushed the sugar production season into
Sugar export licences to be suspended on lack of demand

Sugar licenses suspended due to lack of Chinese demand

Last month, the Ministry of Commerce suspended 103 licenses to re-export sugar, due a lack of demand from China, according to an article in the Myanmar Times. The article said that 49 companies will have their licenses suspended for three months, wit
Authorities warn about crackdown on illegal diesel export

Myanmar traders warned against crackdown on illegal diesel re-export

The Ministry of Commerce warned Myanmar traders and wholesale centers about the crackdown by the Chinese government on illegal diesel export. The illegal diesel export market is bigger in Yunnan Province since 2018. The office of the Myanmar Consul