The coup: What it is, and what it is not

The Tatmadaw (Myanmar military) will be in power for at least one year as Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and other NLD leaders remain in custody. Legally speaking, the coup is not, as of now, a definitive end to Myanmar’s new democracy. The Tatamdaw has

Facebook blocked to curb unrest

Telco operators and internet service providers have been ordered to block access to Facebook, as well as affiliated apps, including Messenger and Instagram. At the time of writing, the Facebook ban has been issued until February 7. Users are already

Vaccine shipments and relief flights stalled

The Ministry of Health and Sports has said political turmoil has delayed a second shipment of COVID-19 vaccine from India. The shipment had been scheduled for February 4, and the Ministry had planned to begin vaccinating the general public on Februar

Tatmadaw press conference raises concerns

The Tatmadaw (Myanmar army) has acknowledged the possibility of a coup d’etat in light of election result disputes. After months of fraud allegations by opposition political parties, military spokesperson Major General Zaw Min Tun stressed the

Vaccines arrive

With the arrival of 1.5 million coronavirus vaccine doses from India, January 22 may have marked the beginning of the end of Myanmar’s COVID-19 pandemic. Speaking to reporters, Indian ambassador Saurabh Kumar called the free doses a “gift

Repatriation set for June

Bangladesh has announced plans to begin repatriating 750,000 Rakhine Muslim refugees to Myanmar in June. The goal was set after Chinese-mediated negotiations between Myanmar and Bangladesh. “We proposed beginning the repatriation by March. But Myan