Government extends flight ban

The government postponed the lifting of several lockdown measures, including an international flight ban, until June 30. While restaurants re-open and domestic flights resume, the coronavirus may still be imported into the country from foreign visito

Government quells talk of martial law in Rakhine State

The government has officially dismissed rumors of possible martial law in parts of embattled Rakhine State. In a June 15 press conference, U Myint Than, director-general of the Ministry of the Office of the Union Government, claimed the state’s

Gambia seeks access to Tatmadaw Facebook data

Lawyers representing the Gambia have requested the U.S. to force Facebook to hand over content posted by the Myanmar Military (Tatmadaw). The Gambia claims the content generated in 2017 and 2018 could shed light on alleged human rights abuses against

Military returns to Facebook

After a two-year boycott of Myanmar’s most popular social network, the Myanmar Military (Tadmadaw) has returned to Facebook with two new public-facing pages. The pages “Tatmadaw True News Information Team” and “Zaw Min TunR

Quarantine enforced with hundreds of arrests

As Myanmar works to contain COVID-19, authorities have sentenced more than 500 people to jail. The offenders have been charged with violating nightly curfews, stay-at-home orders, bans on gatherings of five or more and other lockdown measures introdu

Travel restrictions extended

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has extended restrictions on international flights and border crossings to June 15. The heavy restrictions, which barred almost all foreign visitors from entering the country by air or land, had been set to end of May