China signs MOU for Mandalay-Rakhine railway

China and Myanmar signed an MOU this week for a new 650-kilometer railway line connecting Mandalay with Kyaukpyu, Rakhine State. The new railway will join with another planned line from Mandalay to Muse, creating an unbroken line from the Bay of Beng

NLD victory a win for Chinese investment

This week, Chinese president Xi Jinping called State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi to congratulate her on the resounding victory of the National League for Democracy. First and foremost, Xi reaffirmed Myanmar and China’s growing economic ties

Government will unbundle Chinese-backed New Yangon City

The Yangon regional government will unbundle an infrastructure deal for New Yangon City, a 20,000-acre Chinese-backed project planned for the western edge of the city. This means, bidders will have a better outlook of participating in parts of the pr

Auditor general fears rising Chinese debt

A mere week after Myanmar celebrated 70 years of diplomatic relations with China, Auditor General U Maw Than has urged parliament to be wary of Myanmar’s growing Chinese debt. In a June 15 speech, Maw Than pointed out that China holds USD 4 bil

ICG: Pandemic will stall Chinese infrastructure

The International Crisis Group (ICG) believes the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic will slow down Chinese-backed infrastructure projects. According to a recent report by the organization, the spread of the coronavirus has caused and will continue to cause u
Decision on major development in Kyaukphyu to be made soon

China to invest USD 30 billion in industrial zone

As briefly reported in our highlights last week, a Chinese company and several Myanmar partners will invest USD 30 billion in an industrial zone contained within the Kyaukphyu Special Economic Zone on Myanmar’s west coast. Speaking to parliament, D