Parliament rejects constitutional amendments

With support from the military bloc, the Union Parliament struck down proposed amendments Tuesday to the 2008 constitution that would have limited the military’s role in politics. The proposed amendments were written by the NLD-backed Charter A

Parliament to vote on constitutional amendments

Parliament will vote next week on proposed amendments to the 2008 constitution, a long-awaited vote that has met fierce opposition and support on each sides. The proposed amendments were written by the Charter Amendment Committee, which recommended 1

Parliament approves new Home Affairs minister

Myanmar has appointed a new head of the Ministry of Home Affairs. Parliament approved the appointment of Tatmadaw-nominated Lieutenant General Soe Htut to lead the ministry that oversees the police force, national intelligence, prisons and other area
Myanmar Parliament Approves Constitutional Amendment Committee Report

Army supporters rally as constitution debate rages

Hundreds of nationalists took to the streets of Yangon last Sunday to support the Tatmadaw (Myanmar armed forces) and protest potential constitutional amendments that would limit its power. The demonstration is the latest in a series of protests and

Top general defends army’s power

Senior General Min Aung Hlaing, Commander-in-Chief of the Myanmar armed forces (Tatmadaw), defended the large role the army plays in civilian politics. He went so far as to suggest a possible bid for the presidency in the future, according to an arti
Myanmar Parliament Approves Constitutional Amendment Committee Report

Charter report approved by Myanmar parliament

Myanmar’s Union Parliament voted Friday to approve a report by its Charter Amendment Committee. It recommended more than 3700 changes to the country’s constitution. The vote will allow parliament to begin drafting constitutional amendment