COVID halts Kachin jade mining

The government has suspended large-scale jade mining operations in Kachin state, fearing the spread of COVID-19 among workers, especially informal scavengers. Jade mining in the state has already been on hold since a deadly landslide in July in Hpaka

Online businesses ordered to report to MOC

The Ministry of Commerce (MOC) will soon institute a new registry for businesses in Myanmar’s growing e-commerce industry. Starting in December, online stores will be required to submit basic identifying information as well as their full produc

Government eases foreign liquor ban

The Ministry of Commerce has issued guidelines that allow for the import of foreign liquor. Foreign spirits valuing greater than USD 8 (the previous maximum) may now be brought in via air and sea, according to the new rules. The move relaxes longstan

Myanmar may land on FATF watchlist

Myanmar may end the week on an international finance watchlist. Two sources close to the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), a France-based financial monitoring agency, told Reuters that it may place Myanmar on its international “grey list̶
Authorities warn about crackdown on illegal diesel export

Government sets sights on illegal trade

The Private-Sector Development Committee has announced that it will introduce new measures to curb illegal trade in Myanmar. The committee, which is headed by Vice President U Myint Swe and includes members of the private sector, affirmed during a re

Sugar season delayed as prices fall

Sugar production in Myanmar will begin a full month later than usual due to unfavorable weather and falling prices. An unnamed sugar cane trader told the Myanmar Times that the “unusual weather” has pushed the sugar production season into