Officers convicted in Rakhine case

A Tatmadaw (Myanmar Army) court-martial has convicted three officers of crimes committed during the height of the Rakhine crisis, which led to a mass exodus of Muslims from Rakhine State in 2017/2018. The charges relate to alleged mass executions in

Rakhine internet blackout criticized

The controversial internet blackout in parts of Rakhine State and Chin State made international headlines this week after Human Rights Watch claimed the ban may have left hundreds of thousands of people completely unaware of COVID-19. The organizatio

200 buildings torched in Rakhine State

Human Rights Watch claims a massive block of buildings has been burned to the ground in Rakhine State. The organization says satellite imagery shows the scorched husks of around 200 structures in Let Kar village, in Mrauk-U Township. The claim draws

Arakan Army releases captive MP

The Arakan Army (AA) has released Upper House lawmaker U Hawi Tin two months after he was captured. A human rights group told Reuters that the AA set the lawmaker free to ease tensions between the rebels and communities living in the conflict zone. S

AA continues hostage warfare with 130 captured villagers

The Arakan Army (AA) has captured more than 130 villagers in Paletwa Township, Chin State, claims a local ethnic organization. Although the AA has denied additional accusations of murders and sexual assaults in the township, if the allegations of arr

Arakan Army seeks to collect taxes

The Arakan Army (AA), an armed separatist group in Rakhine State, has announced the formation of a taxation agency in its occupied territories. The new “Rakhine Peoples’ Authority”, as it is called, will collect funds for its political and mili